Africa College of Theology

I have been honored to educate future Christian leaders since 2014 through the Africa College of Theology where I have taught sociology and theology classes to upcoming church leaders. Africa College of Theology (ACT) is an internationally-accredited college offering non-traditional biblical education to church leaders.

Only around five percent of Rwandan pastors have received formal theological training. This means that many pastors find themselves poorly equipped to lead and disciple their congregations, provide counseling for church members, or adequately study and teach the Scripture. In addition, new regulations set by the Rwandan parliament in July 2018 require all pastors to acquire and hold a bachelor’s or higher level of training in theology or a similar field, something the majority of pastors in the nation cannot afford to do. Without this education, they will not be allowed to lead congregations or plant churches.

It’s a great blessing to contribute my education and calling to prepare these leaders to continue serving their country and their people.

Our Mission