Seven Wells Ministries

In 2001 I was a poor university student in Rwanda when I met a young girl with no shoes. I was moved to find out more about this girl so I went to visit her home and found out that her mother was dying of HIV/AIDS and that this girl was left to take care of the home. I began to use some of my college stipend to pay for this girl’s school fees and to take care of her and her mom. That small beginning has evolved into a child sponsorship program that has educated thousands of children in Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi. Seven Wells Ministries, the umbrella organization for this work, has had offices in USA, Canada, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi supporting several educational and community empowerment programs. Since the beginning back in 2001, we have helped over 7,000 children to get an education and supported thousands of families through micro enterprise, skills training and food security.
Our Mission